Aluminum Fabricators Colombo

Who we are

As contractors we learn lessons from the past and derive inspiration from the present work happening around the world. We believe that a beautiful work space emerges when everyone is synchronized and focused on the project in hand. Aluminum Fabricators Colombo

We’re committed to providing a thorough and coherent product where every element works together as a symbiosis, from the scale of the placing of the building at site, to the scale of the building and down to fenestration.  We believe that a high level of free thinking and essential detail is absolutely necessary to creating a completed project. We are passionate about the qualitative aspect of construction. Aluminum Fabricators Colombo

To be the most Innovative, Professional and Premier Fabricator in Sri Lanka

Provide a world class experience to our customers

Our Values

  • Correct technical appliances with engineer supervision
  • 100% focus to provide the best and expected time, Quality and cost to customer
  • Qualified, experienced and capable teem to carry out the work with a good team work
  • Our work ethic does not begin with preconceptions or precedence; it starts with the architect’s and client’s dreams, our experience and an empty space, soon to be allocated by the inhabitants or users. It is our conviction that good materials and workmanship will set the standards and make the space or building ‘timeless’.  The architect, his / her perceptions, guidance and collaboration with all teams In the process of making something useful and fulfilling a design requirement is the most important person to have in our field. All good Work comes from hard work and a close collaboration between client, architect and other professionals. Aluminum Fabricators Colombo
Aluminum Fabricators Colombo

Know Our History

Having been in practice since 21st June 2018 and registered as a company on the 23rd May 2022. Our objective is to ease the way (not only) by helping our clients to avoid wrong turns, but also to direct towards solutions the clientele might never have considered.  The result is a unique building project created to meet architect’s and client’s needs.

What's Special with Us

Unique Design

The best and the most suitable designs and constructions according to the international standards.

Lasting & Long Term

With the best quality materials and technology to make your construction strong, durable, reliable and last longer.

Easy and Affordable

Providing the best and the most suitable solutions for your needs considering every aspect of the task.

ALUMO offers the following services for our Clientele:

  • Design, fabrication and installation of,
  • Site Inspections During the construction stage
  • Providing all related Shop drawings and technical details required during the construction stage
  • After Services respectively to the Warranties

Our team is backed up by a well-trained staff including qualified Engineers & Quantity Surveyors, Supervisors and Technicians supported by a qualified team of Consultants highly experienced in their respective fields of specialization. This has given us the confidence to handle any type and scale of project as would be indicated in the following documents.



Chanaka Manage (Director)

POSITION: Civil Engineer(B.Eng(Hons), NDT, AMIIESL)
ADDRESS: 344/2/8 samupakara mawatha, Habarakada, Homagama.
CONTACT: +94 71 516 34 04 / +94 77 080 53 38
E-MAIL: chanakamanage@gmail.com

Dulaj Baddevithana (Director)

POSITION: Quanaty Surveyor (BSc(hons) CPM, Dip.Qs, F.Eng
ADDRESS: 419/3B Nisala Place, Kosawa Rd, Athurugiriya.Sri Lanka.
CONTACT: +94 77 331 97 55 / +94 74 060 57 45
E-MAIL: dulaj.baddevithana@gmail.com